Bucas Sweet Itch itch blanket Zebra

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Derived from the highly successful Buzz Off Zebra fly rug, Bucas has developed a new material with the same zebra stripes that provides protection against mosquito Culicoides (midges). In horses with summer eczema prevention is the key to success: Make sure the problem for you, your horse to do a blanket before starting the mosquito season </ p>.

The first of its kind, the Sweet Itch fly- eczema blanket with zebra stripes prevents the horse is inserted through the small repels mosquitos, and the large, aggressive fly. It is scientifically proven that hit the fly confused the zebra stripes and thus stay away from the horse. </ P>

The unique Sweet-Itch Zebra rug is made of a specially developed fabric that holds even the smallest insects. Special attention was paid to the manen- and tail sections to protect it well and prevent itching. </ P>

The design is complete & lsquo; & rsquo ;, body cover with a neck piece to the ears as the mane protect completely. An elastic, detachable belly flap protects the entire underbelly of the horse, of Elbow to cross. Shoulder Pleats provide additional freedom of movement. A large tail flap covering this problematic area and prevents the small biting flies reach the tail. & Nbsp; legstraps keep the rug in place and an overlapping, padded chest flap ensures that the blanket remains comfortable no matter how long your horse wearing the blanket. </ p>

Bucas Sweet Itch-Zebra also provides UV protection and prevents sunburn, and discoloration of the coat. </ P>

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