Boett Eczema blanket size 3 and 4

Brand: Boett
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A full eczema blanket of Boett, provided with a belly flap. This blanket is especially designed for horses with many suffer from sweet itch and gives the most protection. The blanket can also be worn without belly flap, although this is not recommended. </ P>

Available in size 3, 4 and 5. </ P>

Size 3 is a C-bangs or normal IJslander (stokmaat 1.30-1.37 m, back length 1.25 m.).Size 4 is a D-bangs or large IJslander (stokmaat 1:37 to 1:48 m, back length 1.35 m.). Size 5 is for an Arab, trotter or fjord (stokmaat 1:35 to 1:55 m, back length 1.40 m.). </ P >

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