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Letty’s Design- your equestrian and carriage driving specialist!

In 1979 Letty Donselaar founded her shop “’t Peerdewinkeltje” (‘little horse shop’), in the Dutch town of Veenendaal. Since then her shop has been one of the leading ones in carriage driving and equestrian products. Letty is constantly looking for innovation, and she always has the interests of both her customers as well as their horses at heart. Letty’s knowledge of carriage driving is known around the world and the shop has the broadest and most complete collection of equestrian products in the area. Under its own label, Letty’s Design, special products for carriage driving are developed and produced- all used by leading top drivers around the world! Placing an online order is safe and easy, but feel free to drop by when you find yourself in the Veenendaal area. Letty would love to meet you! As Letty’s Design is always on the lookout for innovation, it goes without saying that you can now also follow ‘‘t Peerdewinkeltje’ on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/Peerdewinkeltje.nl

These pictures will give you an albeit small impression of the shop in Veenendaal. A wide range of equestrian and carriage driving products is on offer. Alternatively,  several specialised articles are also available online.

Buy equestrian clothing -order online or come to the shop in Veenendaal.

Visit the shop to choose and try on equestrian clothing of several brands and in several price ranges. Alternatively, you can order products online! The shop in Veenendaal has a dedicated Outlet section with more than 100 riding breeches with prices starting from 20 euro; cheaper than buying second hand and plenty of choice available!

For almost 40 years Letty’s Design has been the leading specialist in carriage driving!

Shop owner Letty Donselaar has been involved in carriage driving from the very start. From the early stages, she visited carriage driving competitions and when she was given the opportunity to train as a judge, she grabbed it with both hands! Her particular duty as judge at that time was to actually accompany the driver in the carriage during the marathon. The instructor for the judge training was the well-known Dutch carriage driving pioneer, Daan Modderman. Letty was a driving judge for 25 years, including judging at 13 World Championships. This extensive experience and knowledge is now passed on to her customers. 

Letty´s Design – products developed personally by Letty.

The very first product that was developed under the own label, was in the year 1980. At that point in time, there were no driving gloves for drivers. Letty developed them herself in cooperation with a leading gloves producer. With the driving gloves, the very first product became a reality. And it did not stop there: Letty became the first producer of driving aprons, kidney blankets were developed and produced, and special types of reins were introduced such as non- slip or cotton lightweights. Letty was also the first one to develop marathon harnesses, produced at her own facilities using especially woven nylon tape and very strong stainless steel rings. The next step, namely synthetic harnesses, was only a small one..

Synthetic harnesses

As early as 1987 Letty came into contact with an Australian carriage driver who subsequently did an internship at Letty’s shop ‘‘t Peerdewinkeltje’.When this driver went back to the sport later and competed in the World Championships Two-in-hand using a synthetic harness originally used in trotting, Letty went back to the drawing table. Off she went to Australia where the synthetic harnesses were developed further  to make them suitable for carriage driving. Letty was for the major part responsible for the development of these harnesses. Later on, a new series of further developed harnesses was produced together with the famous Kiefer factory in Munich, Germany. The advantage for customers is that production takes place in-house, making prices very competitive. Harnesses are available in either synthetics or in leather.

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