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Single synthetic harness Kieffer

Single synthetic harness Kieffer

This new range of harnesses is the result of a cooperation between Letty’s Design and Kieffer, the renowned German producer. All bridles are made from synthetic materials, which guarantee maximum strength and low maintenance. Soft padded  materials are used in the parts that the horse will have direct contact with. The tree is made from nylon that adjusts to each horse’s back.

Kieffer harnesses provide the best value for your money. Letty Donselaar, owner of Letty’s Design, will also be able to give sound expert advice based on her experience in the sport. This is worry-free shopping at its best !

Ambassador Jacques Poppen

Jacques Poppen has been using the Kieffer harnesses for a very long time. He is very happy with this single harness and actually used it while he became the Para- Equestrian World Driving Champion.