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Single harnesses

Single harnesses in all shapes, sizes and prices

Here at Letty’s Design, we know about harnesses ! We have developed, produced and sold harnesses since 1979. We were the first ones to introduce and produce synthetic harnesses in Europe. Our lifelong experience in the carriage driving industry will be of great benefit to you.

We don’t just sell harnesses, we will also tailor them to your needs or sizes. All repairs are done from our own offices in the Netherlands.

Kieffer Harnesses

Kieffer is one of the world’s renowned brands from Munich, Germany. In cooperation with Kieffer, Letty’s Design co-produces a beautiful synthetic and leather harness collection. As we have a direct input on the production, we are able to deliver these harnesses at competitive prices.

Most of the harnesses available in stock


If you are on the lookout for a harness, you can choose from several sizes, materials and types. You have come to the right place ! Letty’s Design has over 200 harnesses in stock, ready to be delivered ! Our expert carriage driving advice and expertise as harness producer are delivered free of charge !